Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rough Day

I tried my hardest to focus on the brighter parts of today...

Babies...A 1 year old baby girl was in the office today just playing and "singing" away...that made me smile.
Tacos AND Ketchup...Initially, this stressed me stepdad and sister work in the same building as me, just a different suite. They were throwing a surprise baby shower for one of my stepdad's employees and TACOS were the main dish. I was honestly very very excited because i've been craving tacos like no other lately! The problem of the main reasons I love tacos is because I get to put ketchup on ketchup at the office meant no ketchup on my tacos. So I gathered up a couple of beef stuffed tortillas on a plate and took the 7 minute drive to my moms, put some ketchup on those babies and went to town. SO good.
Penguins...turns out, when my boss was on his mission, they would catch penguins on their days off. Line of the day, "Have you ever held a penguin?! They hiss just like cats!"-Dr. Davis. Made me chuckle.
My Boyfriend...I am head over heels in love with this man. I can't believe we've been together for 14 months already and I can't believe how incredibly amazing he is :)
Joslyn Amberli...This beautiful girl was on my mind all day...

Miss her like crazy but I count my blessings every single day...

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