About Me

My name is Alli. I'm just living, working and going to school! I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl who, after 19 amazing months on this earth, was sent back to heaven and I am looking forward to the day we are reunited. I am beyond blessed with an amazing family who I definitely couldn't live without!

I am native to Nevada and grew up in the very small town of Overton but now live in Las Vegas. It's not as exciting as you would think ;) I have a strong attachment to this dry, hot, sometimes miserable desert! I've also lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for a little over a year and it was great to be able to experience something a little different and hope to be able to move somewhere else again one day.

This blog is a place where I will be sharing bits and pieces of my life and the things that make me smile and inspire me. I absolutely love following other people's blogs and thought it would be fun to jump into the mix myself. Hope you enjoy :)

Joslyn Amberli Zepeda


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